Construction Projects

Save Time & Money on Construction Cleanup Services in Reno, NV

Construction projects aren’t complete until everything is dust and debris-free. When it comes down to construction cleanup services in Reno, NV, there’s nobody better than CC Cleaning Service for the job. We ensure that you’ll always have a project worth showing off through our construction cleaning. 

Free of Debris in Every Step of Construction

Simply picking up the debris scattered throughout the construction site is only a fraction of what our post-construction cleaners do. Our cleaning experts will remove dirt marks on your walls, wax the dusty floors, scrub windows and doors, and upon inspection, leave the place safe and secure for the homeowner to move into. Our construction cleanup usually consists of:


  • Interior Cleaning: Once the construction process is finalized, our team performs thorough cleaning within the structure. 
  • Exterior Cleaning: Typically, we’ll handle exterior cleaning when the construction project involves extensive renovations or new builds. 
  • Rough Cleaning: Our rough cleaning processes include removing debris, clutter, and trash.

Unparalleled Construction Cleaning Services

We’ll nail your next construction cleaning. Get in touch with our experts today and schedule an appointment. All services are provided with our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. We promise to re-do any service within 24 hours, which was not initially completed to your satisfaction.

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